New & Aspiring Superintendents

OACTS accepts applications for the annual New & Aspiring Superintendents Academy in the spring and summer. Now is the time to begin to identify individuals in your district who may benefit from participation in the Academy.

Above: The 2023 cohort from the New and Aspiring Superintendents Academy.

The New and Aspiring Superintendents Academy is designed to prepare individuals who are ready to “take the next leadership step” and apply for career center superintendent positions. While some career centers have developed a succession plan for the top leadership this Academy is NOT solely designed to be a program where an existing superintendent is preparing her/his successor to become the next superintendent.

The academy is all about preparing people to be part of the qualified applicant pool who will apply for the future CTE superintendent vacancies. We also welcome superintendents who are in their first or second year as a CTE superintendent.