23 Oct: Ohio career-tech leaders join future workforce discussion at Ohio Mayoral Educational Attainment Summit

Nearly a dozen career-technical education leaders joined OACTS Executive Director Maggie Hess recently at the Ohio Mayoral Educational Attainment Summit. To compete in the global economy, Ohio will need 65% of its adult residents to have some kind of marketable credential or degree by 2025. To achieve this, leaders from the traditional education field cannot be left to tackle this issue alone. Instead, local leaders from the public, private, nonprofit, and educational sectors will need to work together to create and support successful pathways for young people to attain appropriate skills.

23 Oct: Portman tours Southern Hills Career Technical Center and participates in workforce roundtable discussion

U.S. Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) participated in a workforce roundtable discussion with Brown County Southern Hills Career Technical Center, Adams County Ohio Valley Career and Technical Center, Clermont County U.S. Grant Career Center, local business leaders, and local elected officials to discuss efforts to strengthen Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs and help more Ohioans get the skills and training they need to find good jobs. Following the roundtable discussion, Portman toured Brown County Southern Hills Career Technical Center.

23 Oct: C-TEC’s Ohio Technical Center collaborates with Ariel Corporation to train workforce

Ohio Technical Centers (OTC) not only provide technical training for adults seeking employment or to enhance their skills to advance on their career path, many provide customized training for businesses in their region. Due to many factors influencing the ability to offer training for incumbent workers, there can be different ways to partner with companies to provide the training they need. The customized training model described in this article can be replicated in other businesses and industries in Ohio and across the nation.