New COVID-19 Health, Prevention Guidance

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New COVID-19 Health and Prevention Guidance for K-12 Schools 2021-2022

The Ohio Department of Health today released updated recommendations for K-12 schools. The guidance strongly recommends COVID-19 vaccinations for staff and eligible students; consistent mask-wearing for individuals who are not yet fully vaccinated; and layering prevention measures that include good ventilation, regular cleaning, handwashing, covering coughs, and sneezes and staying home when sick. The Ohio Department of Health also strongly recommends those who are not fully vaccinated consistently wear masks, which have proven a very effective tool for reducing the spread of the virus.

During a press conference on Monday, July 26, Ohio Department of Health Chief Medical Officer Bruce Vanderhoff, MD explained, “While there are no mandates associated with this guidance, we believe that the recommendations we are issuing are essential to the health of Ohio’s youth and the success of the coming school year. The safety of Ohio’s children is paramount, and the preventive measures that schools take will help protect Ohio’s students.”

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