Why CTE will be even more important post-pandemic

Career and technical education (CTE) has always played an important, albeit underappreciated, role in the United States education system. The career skills and hands-on learning opportunities available to students through CTE offers valuable options to young learners.

But like most things around the world, the system of education was thrown into uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Schools were shut down, instruction moved online and the very concept of school and education faced many questions.

As vaccinations start to roll out nationwide, we will hopefully be on our way back to something resembling “normalcy” very soon. But as schools start to return to in-person instruction, the questions surrounding how we teach and train new generations remain valid.

In a post-pandemic world, what role will career and technical education have? How will the needs of students, schools and the economy as a whole be met? Here we explore why CTE will be more important than ever in the new world.