Innovative Workforce Incentive Program (IWIP) has funding reduced

Funding for the Innovative Workforce Incentive Program (IWIP) has been reduced as the State of Ohio responds to budget shortfalls due to COVID-19.

The Ohio Department of Education, along with other state agencies, has made difficult decisions about its budget to reduce expenditures through the remaining two months of the fiscal year. The General Revenue Fund spending authority for the Department of Education has been reduced by $355.5 million, which reflects approximately 20 percent of the remaining appropriation as of March 24, 2020.

Although budget reductions will eliminate the IWIP payments and start-up grants, the state has maintained $4 million to reimburse schools for the cost of industry-recognized credentials for all students.

These reductions will present challenges for schools, and ODE appreciates your understanding as they work through these difficult times together. The State of Ohio and the education community will continue to give their all in the interest of meeting the needs and supporting the education of Ohio’s children.