CTE Associations’ statement on COVID-19

In response to news of the COVID-19 virus and its appearance in Ohio, Governor Mike DeWine issued an Executive Order on March 9, declaring a state of emergency in Ohio.  Subsequently, OACTS in collaboration with Ohio ACTE and Ohio CCS are issuing the statement below in support of the DeWine Administration’s continued efforts to protect Ohioans:

“The community of Ohio career technical educators appreciates and supports Governor Mike DeWine’s leadership in protecting the health and safety of all Ohioans, especially our school children.  The organizations representing career-tech educators, including Ohio Association of Career Technical Education, Ohio Association of Career Technical Superintendents and the Ohio Association of Comprehensive and Compact Career-Technical Schools, are in regular contact with Administration staff, and leadership from the Department of Health and the Ohio Department of Education. ODE representatives continue to provide various updates and guidance as available, including information on school operations and extracurricular activities impacted by COVID-19.  The organizations will continue to  monitor executive orders or proposed legislation and keep educators apprised and aware of the ever-evolving situation and activities impacted.”

The Ohio Department of Health has also released critical information, and educators are encouraged to collaborate with their local department of health in order to determine an appropriate course of action at the local level.

Please note this statement is included as part of a larger article developed by Chris Gardner, Exec. Director, Ohio ACTE and can be accessed through the following link:  http://ohioacte.org/news/8820812