Competency score and long-term graduation guidance released

Guided by Each Child, Our Future, Ohio is on a mission to ensure high school inspires students to identify paths to future success and students have multiple ways to demonstrate the knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary for high school graduation and beyond. Whether a graduate chooses to enter the workforce, pursue a postsecondary education, enlist in the military or engage in a meaningful, self-sustaining vocation, Ohio’s high school graduates will be challenged, prepared and empowered for their lives after high school.

To advance the One Goal outlined in Each Child, Our Future, today, the Ohio Department of Education released guidance on the new long-term graduation requirements, including competency scores for both English language arts II and algebra I. The guidance document provides more information on the competency scores and detailed information about each of the state-defined seals. Updates will be made to the document as more information becomes available. Please note the version date at the bottom of the document.

To meet graduation requirements, students, as always, will complete their required courses and take the required state tests. Additionally, students now will demonstrate competency in the foundational areas of English language arts and mathematics or through alternative options, which include College Credit Plus, career-focused activities or military enlistment. Students also will demonstrate readiness for their post-high school paths by earning two diploma seals that allow them to demonstrate important foundational and well-rounded academic and technical knowledge, professional skills, social and emotional competencies, and leadership and reasoning skills. These important sets of knowledge, skills and dispositions are necessary for high school graduates to be successful in the workplace, college, the military or other self-sustaining professions.

Regarding competency scores, Ohio law directed the Department of Education, in collaboration with the Ohio Department of Higher Education and Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation, to establish competency scores for the English language arts II and algebra I end-of-course tests. After gathering feedback from Ohio’s education stakeholders and business communities, the Department determined “competency” would be set at a score of 684 for both the English language arts II and algebra I tests.