Ohio career-tech leaders join future workforce discussion at Ohio Mayoral Educational Attainment Summit

Nearly a dozen career-technical education leaders joined OACTS Executive Director Maggie Hess recently at the Ohio Mayoral Educational Attainment Summit. To compete in the global economy, Ohio will need 65% of its adult residents to have some kind of marketable credential or degree by 2025. To achieve this, leaders from the traditional education field cannot be left to tackle this issue alone. Instead, local leaders from the public, private, nonprofit, and educational sectors will need to work together to create and support successful pathways for young people to attain appropriate skills.

Mayors are uniquely positioned to broaden this conversation by ensuring that the appropriate stakeholders are at the table and by advocating for state policy changes where needed.

The Mayoral Educational Attainment Summit was the first opportunity for mayors from around Ohio to convene with key leaders from their communities – community college and university presidents, school superintendents, Chamber of Commerce presidents, and local business leaders – to discuss the issue of educational attainment in their own communities. National, state, and local experts presented on cutting-edge research and best practices, city-level data on current educational attainment was provided, and communities had the opportunity to digest this information as a team. The summit is intended to galvanize local leaders as they consider how to tackle educational attainment within their own communities, as well as statewide.

Speakers included Dr. John Friedman, Brown University; Dr. Eric Hanushek, Stanford University; former Gov. Ted Strickland, former Gov. Bob Taft and other national and state educational leaders.